conch charters

Conch Charters

the virgin islands

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That's for your other life, and you want to leave that one behind, don't you? Head off to "chill out" (local expression is "just limin', mon") in paradise, sailing the Caribbean sea. That's your dream ...... you have worked hard to earn this vacation so relax, now it's our turn to go to work.

Most companies do mass chart briefings. NOT US! Every charterer is taken care of individually, allowing us the chance to get to know you. To put you in the mood, we even do our briefings at our local Pub. Have a pina colada while we start the tour.

What do you like; long sails or just gunkholing? Snorkelling? Diving? Beaching? Windsurfing? Want to know where the locals hang out ... or where to hide ... or where the action is? Where is the best pina colada? Maybe you're already having it ....

Don't worry about any of that until you arrive. During your chart briefing we will guide your plans to suit your agenda and put you in the limin' mood ......

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