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Fun Stuff to do

While we think that sailing is about the most fun thing to do in life, we do recognize that there are other enjoyable pastimes and that a well-rounded vacation would include some of them. So here are a few ideas on Fun Things To Do when not sailing.

Beach Volleyball

With all of our beautiful beaches, games of volleyball just seem to happen naturally. Spectacular moves can be made knowing you're landing in soft, cushioning sand. Sundays in Cane Garden Bay on Tortola are becoming famous for their beach volleyball competitions. You will often see poles on a beach just waiting for a net, ball, and players; and if you bring the people then the net and ball have to be close by ˝ just ask around.



Breath-taking beaches abound in the BVI - from busy beaches with a multitude of things to do, to secluded beaches seemingly adrift in another world. You'll find beaches where the water gently laps at the soft, white sand and beaches where the lines of waves tempt you to try body-surfing. Whatever kind of beach you are looking for, it is here to find.



A great alternative to hiking for those who prefer wheels to feet to see the sights. The steep hills of the BVI can be a challenge for the serious bikers while tours of Sage Mountain National Park provide you with bikes already at the top for easier cruising through a cool and shady forest. Biking on the coastal roads in the territory brings you an endless vista of glittering sea and sleepy green islands.



A popular sport in the BVI's! Boards for rent are available in many places for the afternoon or the day, or you can rent one to take with you on your boat (just ask our helpful staff for information). Two anchorages that are known for their good boardsailing are Trellis Bay on Beef Island and Virgin Gorda's North Sound. The near-constant winds and relatively protected waters of these two places make ideal conditions to either learn or practice the sport. Various competitions are held during the year for those who are interested in serious challenges.


Fly Fishing

Yes, that's right! Salt water fly fishing. Its all the rage. Just anchor your Conch boat for the day and let Caribbean Fly Fishing Outfitters rendezvous with you at your location. They will whisk you away on their 28' Bertram to secret anchorages where few have the opportunity to go. Bring your own equipment or let your guides supply it for you. Full and half day rates available...Click here for more details.




This is a very popular beachside sport. The gentle swaying of a hammock in the ever-present trade winds will rock you into a state of stress-free bliss. If you have a favorite hammock in the BVI, let us know about it ˝ we are doing a survey of the best so let us know your vote.
(Tip: The author's vote goes for one of the double ones in the shade of a sea grape tree at the Soggy Dollar Bar, White Bay, Jost van Dyke).



For the energetic who want to stretch their boat-bound legs, or for those who want to tire out overly-energetic young ones, hiking is an excellent answer. The BVI National Parks Trust has some excellent parks with trails that vary in length to suit everyone's energy level. The best two, which also have the advantage of being high up on hills with much cooler air, are Sage Mountain National Park on Tortola and The Peak on Virgin Gorda. Both have clear and easy trails leading you around and through vegetation that borders on tropical rainforest.

Stands of tall and slender mahogany trees, huge-leafed elephant ears, hanging vines and lacy ferns all line the paths in these parks of cool and verdant bounty. Occasional and spectacular vistas of the sea and islands are often found with strategically placed benches for comfortable viewing and/or picnics.



How about Tying the Knot?

Your wedding should be the most wonderful day of your life, so how about celebrating it in one of the most romantic spots in the world.

Exchange vows barefoot on the beach or under the shade of a bougainvillea arbor in a beautiful garden, in a quiet bay on a sailboat or as the sun sets in an elegant villa.

If you want romance, this is the place. The regulations are uncomplicated and there are always willing hands available to make it the day of your dreams.



More and more people are enjoying this fun pastime. With either one or two people to a kayak, you can paddle your way around all of the nooks and crannies of our lovely anchorages, exploring the British Virgin Islands in a more intimate way. Like Boardsailing, equipment can be rented in many places by the week or by the afternoon - our friendly staff can help you get set up.


Scuba Diving

From the world-class dive site on the wreck of the R.M.S. Rhone (featured in the movie "The Deep") to the colourful reefs that abound in the BVI waters, scuba divers can't get enough of it. Visibility that is usually in the incredible range allows for some of the best diving in the world. A wide variety of services are available in most marinas, from gear rental to rendezvous diving ˝ a wonderful way to see the best of the underwater BVI. Check out Blue Water Divers for more info.

You will be met at your boat, whisked away to your dive site and supplied with gear and a knowledgeable guide to show you the marvels of the underwater world that you might never have noticed on your own. For tank rentals and diving, be sure to bring your "C" card. If you're not certified, why not try a "resort course" and spend a day finding out what the excitement is all about.



Snorkel Our Coral Reefs

A pastime that fascinates people of all ages. What more fun for anyone than to put on a mask and fins and float spellbound over the marvels of the underwater world. Where the coral is protected from heavy seas, it grows to some fantastic
sizes and provides a home for many species of creatures.

You'll see brilliantly colored fish flit in and out of spectacular elkhorn and staghorn coral heads and wind through gently waving fronds of soft coral. Purple seafans sway gently next to a huge brain coral and you observe all of the teeming marine life of a well-balanced reef ecology. Ask us in your chart briefing and we'll point out some great spots. Click here to visit the ARK (Association of Reefkeepers) and find out more about our reef systems and how to help protect them while you are here.



Taxi Tours

This is the easiest way of all to see the islands as you can never see them from a boat. In the comfort of an air-conditioned van and with a knowledgeable and well-spoken guide, you can drive the highest hills and see the most spectacular views. See the ocean go on forever into the far distance; boats looking like toys on the glittering waters; green islands slumbering in the sunshine.

Meet some local people and experience their warm Caribbean hospitality. Go for an hour or go for a day, your pictures and memories will last a lifetime.

Come celebrate at the BVI Festival ˝ first weekend in August. Party on, dude ď

Or if you want to see the island at your own pace why not hire a car? If you have lots of people coming and going it can work out cheaper than the taxi. Try Hertz



Turtle Watching

Do you love watching for turtles ˝ those loveable, clumsy-on-land-but-so-graceful-in-the-sea creatures? Certain anchorages are home to large populations of several varieties of these shy creatures and the Bight on Norman Island is one of them. Usually found on the bottom eating the sea-grass that is plentiful on the bottom of this harbor, they are frequently seen at the surface getting air for their next foray for food.

The upper deck of the "William Thornton" (a floating restaurant anchored in the Bight) is an ideal spot for turtle watching. With something cool and refreshing to drink in your hand, you can while away an hour or two trying to spot the smallest babies or the largest great-grandfathers - they come in all sizes.


What about some pampering?

When you're ready to take a break from sailing, cruise into Sol╚ Day Spa just a couple of minutes away from our docks in Road Town. The friendly staff will give your tired muscles and sun baked skin a relaxing and restorative massage, overhaul your damaged nails, give your face an expert facial plus much more. See what they are all about at



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